SURE | AIM engages Maistering B.V for its Digital Journey


Virtual collaboration becomes a reality for SURE | AIM using Master Collections



Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 17th of March 2022.

Maistering, a global provider of an AI-infused business orchestration platform, today announced a strategic engagement with SURE | AIM, a contact center working with Fortune 500 companies.

SURE | AIM, is a Surinamese – Dutch contact center which has been based in Suriname for almost a decade. Specialized in customer services, the contact center serves renowned Dutch clients in close collaboration with Benelux leader Yource.


With this partnership, Maistering, through its enterprise SaaS platform, Master Collections, will help SURE | AIM transition to a digital way of working. Infused with practical AI, Master Collections not only makes virtual collaboration a reality, but also provides digital instruments for SURE | AIM to prioritize employee engagement, ensure proper scheduling and more sophisticated customer services.


“A digital way of working is crucial for us – to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. To deliver great services to our customers. To deliver empathic services to the clients of our clients. To be a great home for our employee side. We chose Maistering because Master Collections will be a digital game changer for us”, states Tom de Lang, center manager at SURE | AIM.


Master Collections, by Maistering helps leaders orchestrate transformational and tactical business journeys, using AI and the newest collaborative techniques to add purpose, richness, and impact. The platform enables business leaders and their teams to execute their journeys radically better.


“Every enterprise faces multiple big transformation these days and has too much on its plate. Running the business well today is not enough anymore, preparing the business for tomorrow is equally important. It feels good to help SURE | AIM on its transformation journey.”​, said Maistering CEO, John Brahim.


About Maistering B.V

Maistering nurtures the innocence and energy of a millennial scale-up with the deep, proven experience of business insights veterans.  Our purpose is to augment business leaders (we call them Masters) with rich AI, bundled in our platform.

With a uniquely designed CXO-lab in Amsterdam, Maistering is headquartered in The Netherlands, with R&D sites in Bangalore, Rotterdam and Valencia.

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About SURE | AIM

SURE|AIM is a contact center for the Netherlands which has been based in Suriname for almost a decade. We are specialized in customer services. The contact center serves the Dutch market and has renowned clients. SURE | AIM is currently responsible for the customer service of several Dutch organizations. We have a team of 400 contact specialists and partner with Yource, leader in the Benelux.

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