What we do

Our service brings together all the essential ingredients to power-up your recruitment process and acquire the talent you need and deserve as a business. Using smart workflows, artificial intelligence, automation and digital orchestration, we increase speed of hire by 40%; quality of hire by 30% and candidate acceptance ratio by 25%.​


Our Approach

Maistering’s service changes the game for you. With a full digital play from requisition & posting to candidate onboarding, AI-based instant recommendations of right candidates, candidate engagement with personalized outreach for all job openings; collaboration and automation is made possible through all steps of the process.​


Our Credentials​

A business process outsourcing company with high attrition spent huge manual labour time sourcing profiles, shortlisting CVs and interviewing candidates. Maistering’s Recruitment as-a-Service was brought into play to improve ‘quality and speed’ of hiring. A superior process led to an increase in acceptance ratio by 27%.​