BridgeWhat chooses Master Collections, to create business growth with AI.



Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Madrid, Spain – 23rd March, 2021.  Maistering, a global provider of an AI-infused business orchestration platform, today announced a strategic engagement with BridgeWhat

BridgeWhat targets clients in Spain and Portugal that want to grow – the buyers – and puts at their disposal a group of companies that are best in class for each of the BridgeWhat 20 Levers of Growth (20LoG) – the sellers.
Use of AI technologies & techniques can accelerate the ability of organizations to connect & engage with the right supplier for their specific needs. Master Collections, the artificial intelligence platform from Maistering automates this entire process. Not only can it look at revenues, workforce, technologies, etc., but it also delves deeper using AI algorithms to see matches based on similar references, alignment to BridgeWhat’s 20LOG and 4 C’s, values, cultural alignment, and overall business values. This results in a matching that is more accurate and fit for businesses to work together successfully.

“Our current partnership is a joint effort whereby Maistering brings its AI technology to support the development and enrichment of BridgeWhat’s collective intelligence on the 20LOG, fostering learning and accelerating growth for those that join this ecosystem. This acceleration is translated on a faster and automated mechanism to create new growth perspectives alongside with a sharper research of the most appropriate sellers to help buyers in their growth journey” – state Ana Paula Reis and Paulo Morgado, co-founders of BridgeWhat.


Master Collections, by Maistering is curated to enrich and speed up transformation initiatives. It allows leaders to plot and execute magical business journeys on the fly to improve, transform and innovate. The platform makes businesses more agile and equips them for full-scale digital transformation.


“Master Collections is a unique platform that enables enterprises to orchestrate business Journeys on the fly, shaping value for their customers and partners. Combined with a holistic, AI-infused set of services and deep content, and a rich catalogue of management techniques and consulting templates, it will empower BridgeWhat to perceive, plot, execute, monitor and tune growth journeys for its members”, said Maistering CEO, John Brahim.


About Maistering B.V


Maistering is a global provider of an Enterprise SaaS business orchestration platform. An innovator that nurtures the innocence and energy of a millennial start-up with the deep, proven experience of business insights veterans. Headquartered in The Netherlands and supported by the uniquely designed CXO lab in Amsterdam, an AI hotspot, Maistering R&D sites are located in Bangalore (India), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Valencia (Spain).


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About BridgeWhat


Bridgewhat is a two-sided B2B platform that offers to its participants (buyers and sellers) fresh outlooks and opportunities to GROW, around 20 specific levers: the Bridgewhat 20 Levers of Growth. These levers include topics such as digital marketing, CRM, salesforce effectiveness, co-creation, pricing, loyalty, market entry, or brand development. Sellers and buyers can choose among four packages with variable contributions in terms of credentials, Sales and Marketing content, business connections and counseling.

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